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Pitra Shanti Puja

About Pitra Shanti Puja :

Pitra Dosh occurs when the soul of our ancestors and departed forefathers does not get peace (shanti) due to any of the following main reason, and there may be others.

Bad deeds ( bad karma ) of our ancestors in earlier life, knowingly or unknowingly, are embarrassing their souls,
Bad deeds ( bad karma ) of children, knowingly or unknowingly, are embarrassing the soul of ancestors,
Lack of fulfillments of parental desires of our ancestors,
A sudden and unnatural death of any relative ancestors in early age, this can be explained in the following ways. Drugging, death in unknown places and the body not available for cremation, one or the other reason antim sanskar can not be performed due to unknown circumstances.
If someone fails to remember and honour the ancestors properly, according to Vedic Method.
If certain wishes are remained attached with the soul of the ancestors, etc.

It is stated in the ancient text that Pitra Dosh occurs if any ancestors up to the 7th generation on the father's side and up to the 4th generation on the mother's side have expired at an early age or have had an unnatural death.

There are so many methods for Pitra Shanti according to mythology and also by Bramahans such as:-

Pitra Shanti Puja Vidhi :

This yoga is formed when Rahu and Ketu are with any of the Luminaries and are placed in the 6th, 8th and the 12th house. Many a times, this yoga is also formed in the 5th house and if other planets do not show any beneficial aspects, this yoga does not allow a person to progress at all.

To pacify your ancenstors you have to get the Pitra Shanti Puja done so, that they can attain moksha.There is a belief that this Puja will save you from face problems of the evil eye and if on a higher degree this dosha will somehow stop your family from having male childs. This Vidhi is very simple which can be done by the complete tantric procedure at our place or you can get done at your place also.

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Pitra Shanti Puja Samagri :