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Mundan Puja

About Mundan Puja :

Mundan is the very first ceremony for kid and an important celebration for the Hindu communities. It is considered as purification ceremony.

Among Hindus, the third most important occasion after the birth of the child is Chadakarana or Mundan. The first and second most significant ceremony includes Namakarana and Annaprasana.

Mundan ceremony can be performed in the 1st year or 3rd year or 5th year of the child. But, it is usually carried before completion of the 3 years of the baby’s age.

Proper Mundan or Chadakarana ceremony generally involves 3 major rituals which can take more than an hour’s time. The parents of the child have to worship Ganesh or God Ganapati and a barber shaves the head of the child.

Havan is another key ritual with includes devotional prayers.

Some believe that a mundan bestows a durability, a better upcoming and also helps to protect the kid from the wicked eye. In some areas, the hair on a newborn baby head is regarded as impure and Mundan Vidhi is the solution for making kid pure.

Mundan Puja Vidhi :

A havan is performed by a Panditji.

On this ceremony people who came in ceremony bring cloths for the child as gift.

After ending pooja prashad is distributed to all the members.

The mother sits with the kid in her lap and face the holy fireplace.

Pandit removes the part of hairs from the child head by chanting mantras.

After that barber shaves off the rest of the hair.

Then head is washed with gangajal.

The shaved off hair is offered to River.

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Mundan Puja Samagri :

  • Turmeric & Kum Kum -1 cup each
  • Copper kalash -1 no.(not required if puja is in Temple)
  • Betel Nut (supari) -5 nos.
  • Betel Leaf -5 nos.
  • Blouse piece -red / yellow
  • Incense Stick (agarbatti) -1 pkt
  • Coins -for $1.25
  • Banana -6 nos.
  • Kusha (Darba/Suksruva) (Pujariji will bring this)
  • Coconut -1 no.
  • Rice -just enough to fill 1 plate
  • Dhaga (colored thread)
  • Scissors -1 new