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Kalsarpa Yoga Puja

About Kalsarpa Yoga Puja :

Kalsarpa Yoga Puja is a one day ritual mainly performed when all the seven planets come between Rahu and Ketu then KaalSarp Yog formed. KaalSarpa Yog is formed if any person’s horoscope is like king, rich, president, prime-minister, peon, poor etc and those who’s horoscope found under this, they always suffer from tension , fear and insecure.

The Kalsarp Yog occurs when all planets in an individual's horoscope at the time of birth are situated between Rahu and Ketu . Even if one planet is outside the Rahu-Ketu axis no Kalsarp Yog.

The persons karyas do not happen according to the efforts put in, often leading to negativity, and inferiority complex. It can cause one's life to be depressed.

A person under the affliction of this yog leads a life of pain and misfortune. If it is highly afflicted this yog has the capacity to cancel out all the good Yog of one's chart.

Types of kalsarp yog:
Anant Kalsarp Yog
Kulik Kalsarp Yog
Vasuki Kalsarp Yog
Shankpal Kalsarp Yog
Padam Kalsarp Yog
Mahapadam Kalsarp Yog
Takshak Kalsarp Yog
Karkotak Kalsarp Yog
Shankachood Kalsarp Yog
Ghatak Kalsarp Yog
Vishdhar Kalsarp Yog
Sheshnag Kalsarp Yog

Kalsarpa Yoga Puja Vidhi :

Kalsarpa vidhi is performed in 1 day.

Devotees involved in pooja should wear new and fresh colured clothes.

Devotees should reach Trimbakeshwar till 6 pm one day before the vidhi.

Devotees can stay at Swati Thite's palce.(the palce where and by whom the vidhi is performed).

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Kalsarpa Yoga Puja Samagri :

  • coconuts with husk-2,
  • bananas-10,
  • seasonal fruit-5 types,
  • betel leaves-10,
  • betel gms,
  • matches-1 box,
  • incense sticks- 1 pkt,
  • havan samagri-1 pkt,
  • Sesame seedsblack-100 gms,
  • Fresh Dates-1 pkt,
  • Coins-5,
  • wood for fire-unused,
  • unblemished twigs-1 box,
  • mango leaves-unblemished 10,
  • trays