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Janmadin Puja

About Janmadin Puja :

Janamdin Puja is done on the date of birth and recommended for everyone for happy long life.

Janam Din Puja is one such activity which highlights the connection with out tradition and gives a new meaning with tradition and gives a new meaning with every passing day to our existence as the children of Great Rishis and Sages.

Every invocation to Gods and Rishis has specific relevance and by delving deeper into this we have a better and stronger understanding of the whole procedure and the practice that we have been carrying on for thousand of years. This thorough understanding would help us to carry this tradition forward with renewed zeal and vigour knowing well the foundations of that practice.

The Birthday Puja is performed with the sole purpose of seeking the blessings of the Seven Great Immortal Rishis alongwith the originator of Universe-lord Brahma.

The Seven Great Immortal Rishis are Ashwath ama, Bali, Hanuman, Kripacharya, Parshurama, Vibhishan and Vyas. These seven Rishis were bestowed with boons of immortality despite having human forms and therein lies the significance of invoking them for the Janam Din Puja.

In seeking their blessings, we pray for a long, halthy and fulfilling life.

Janmadin Puja Vidhi :

As far as possible do not set up Pooja near kitchen so that strong smell of spices will not cause problem during the Pooja and also chatting in the kitchen will not create distraction during Pooja.

Chaurang is to be used as a Pooja Dais on which all the Pooja is performed. Place the Chaurang against a wall in such way that the deities on the Chaurang are facing East (If not possible West is also OK). Place a nice decorative cloth on it.

Keep all the Pooja samagri in different plates on the right side of the Chaurang. Prepare a bowl full of Panchamrut by adding 2-3 tea spoon curd, 1 spoon honey, 1-2 spoons pure ghee & 1 spoon sugar to about 1 cup milk.

If required prepare more pamchamrut enough for all the guests invited for the Pooja.

Place 2 flowerpots at the 2 backside corners of the Chaurang.

In the center of the Chaurang put handful of rice grains and place silver or copper Kalash.

Fill the Kalash with water, just a little over half. Put 1 Beatle nut, 1 Quarter coin, 1 flower & a little akshata in the Kalash.

Place 5 Beatle nut leaves on the edge of the silver or copper Kalash with the stems inside the kalash & the ends outside the kalash. Place a Tamhan (copper or silver plate) on the Kalash.

Fill the tamhan with rice grains till the inner rim. Draw a “Swastik” symbol with kumkum in the middle on the rice and place one Beatle nut at the center of the swastika.

Place the Bell (Ghanta) at the front left corner of the Chaurang and place the Conch (Shankha) on the front right corner of the Chaurang. Keep some rice grains below the conch to make a proper base for it.

Keep the Lord Ganesh Murti in front of both the Kalash at the center and keep murti or coin or photo of Lakshmi to the right side of Lord Ganesh.

Keep all other deities as per your family tradition e.g. Kuladevata on the Chaurang at a suitable place. Photos can be also placed on the wall if needed.

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Janmadin Puja Samagri :

Janmadin Puja