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Ganesh Pratishthapana

About Ganesh Pratishthapana :

Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayak Chathurthi is one of the most colorful and widely celebrated festivals of India.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh. On Ganesh Chaturthi, Lord Ganesh is worshipped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. It is believed that Lord Ganesh was born during Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month.

As it is widely celebrated, on this day large numbers of people brings Ganesha Murti to their houses and do Murti Sthapana.

Ganesha is also one of the five Gods the worship of whom was popularized by Adi Shankaracharya; the other four being Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti and Surya. The worship of these five deities is called the Panchaayatana Puja.

The Ganeshotsav, the festivity of Ganesh Chaturthi, ends after 10 days on Anant Chaturdashi which is also known as Ganesh Visarjan day. On Anant Chaturdashi, devotees immerse idol of Lord Ganesh in water body after a gala street procession.

We provide you a complete procedure, how to perform Ganesha Puja at home according to Hindu Scriptures.

Ganesh Pratishthapana Vidhi :

A Chaurang is to be used as Pooja Dais for Pooja.

Place the chaurang against a wall in such way that the deities on the chaurang are facing east (if not west is also OK). Place a nice decorative cloth on it.

Keep all the Pooja samagri in different plates on the right side of the chaurang.

Prepare a bowl full of Panchamrut by adding 2-3 tea spoon curd, 1 spoon honey, 1-2 spoons pure ghee & 1 spoon sugar to about 1 cup milk. If required prepare more panchamrut enough for all the guests invited for the Pooja.

Keep 2 flowerpots at the 2 back corners of the Chaurang with some decorative flowers of different types in them. If possible and if you like, create a nice decoration for Shri Ganesh. If possible involve kids and help them using their creativity.

Keep small earthen Ganesh Murti at the center of the Dais, to its right side keep the regular metal Ganesh Murti which you use in your daily Pooja. Keep murti or coin of Goddess Lakshmi to the right of metal Ganesh Murti.

Place the Bell (Ghanta) at the front left corner of the Chaurang and place the Conch (Shankha) on the front right corner of the Chaurang with its tail facing you.

Keep some rice grains below the conch to make a proper base for it.

Keep the Lord Ganesh Murti in front of the Kalash at the center and keep murti or coin or photo of Lakshmi to the right side of Lord ganesh.

Keep all other deities as per your family tradition e.g. Kuladevata on the Chaurang at a suitable place. Photos can be also placed on the wall if needed.

Keep one oil lamp (Samai) and one Ghee Lamp (Niranjan) on the right hand side of the Chaurang on the foil. Use a small plate below Samai or niranjan so that the oil or ghee will not spill outside.

Keep the incense stick (Agarbatti) in a proper holder next to the ghee lamp on the right side of Chaurang.

Keep 5 coconuts with water in front of the Chaurang on the aluminum foil. Keep one Beatle Leaf in front of each coconut. Keep one rupee note/coin on each leaf, keep one quarter coin on each dollar note, keep one Beatle Nut on each coin.

Keep one peace of dry coconut on each Beatle Leaf and keep a small piece of “Deshi Gud” i.e. Jaggery on each piece of dry coconut.

Keep small quantity of 5 types of dry fruits like cashes nuts, almonds, resins, pistachio, dry dates etc…

Keep one Jug full of water near the Chaurang. Keep a big utensil or big bowl to keep the used water.

Keep two mattresses one each for the husband and wife performing Pooja in front of the Chaurang about 2 feet away from the Chaurang.

Husband will seat facing the Chaurang and the wife will seat on the right side of the husband.

The Chaurang should be in the center for both to perform Pooja comfortably. Keep one mattress on the left side of the Chaurang for Panditji who will be facing the couple performing the Pooja.

If the host is facing East Panditji should be facing West and if host is facing West Panditji should be facing East.

Keep all other Pooja material on the right side of the Chaurang duly arranged in different plates as per the samagri list without fail.

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Ganesh Pratishthapana Samagri :

  • Paan (Bettle Leave),
  • Supari (Bettle Nut),
  • Kumkum (Vermillion),
  • Chaval (Rice),
  • Moli (Red n Yellow Thread),
  • Gur,
  • Agarbatti (Incence Stick),
  • Nariyal (Coconut),
  • Flowers,
  • Dhruv leave,
  • Dipak,
  • Ghee,
  • Bhog ke liye preferably Laddo and Modak and Panchamrit (milk,curd,honey,ghee,rose water).