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About Bhumipujan :

Bhumi Puja (Bhumi Pooja) is performed before the construction of a House. Vasthu Puja (Vasthu Pooja) is performed before the graha pravesha (before starting to live in your new house). Bhumi Puja and Vasthu Shanthi Puja (Vasthu Shanthi Pooja) are somewhat similar in their procedures and the Mantras involved, Bhumi Puja might additionally involve the chanting of Bhuh Suktha (Mantras In salutation of Mother Earth) and might not involve the analysis and remedial suggestions and remedial measures for the construction. Bhumi Puja Vidhi (Bhumi Pooja Vidhi) can be structured differently to suit the qualities of the land and the intended construction. If a group of residential flats is the aim then additional mantras on Lakshmi-Kubera can be chanted to increase the sales of Individual flats. If a manufacturing/factory is underway then adding a Vishwakarma Puja (Vishwakarma is the architect/manufacturer of the world) as well would be proper. Thus Bhumi Puja Vidhi may be altered to make the fruits of the Puja more useful for the Individual concerned. If there be any legal issues/disputes regarding the land then Sudarshana Puja or Kalabhairava Puja will be useful; If the enemy is equally/more potent/strong then we would need the power ofBagalamukhi Brahmastra. But Bagalamukhi Puja wouldn’t qualify as just an addition, as it is the most effective Puja to annihilate enemies and also win Legal disputes. It has to be treated separately and performed with highly specific and very different requirements. Like Vasthu Puja, Bhoomi Puja is best if performed in the Bhoomi, i.e. we would like to travel to your location of construction and do the puja there. However, Bhumi Puja can also be done remotely; you can send us small samples taken from eight different places of theBhumi, we would consecrate the sand, perform the homam keeping the sand as the base and sent it back to you (with shipping charges as applicable). Book your Bhumi Puja with us for a healthy start to a great successful venture.

Bhumipujan Vidhi :

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