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Om Counselling Centre Dr.Nirmal Shah

Offered Services:
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Vastu Shastra
  • Gem Finder
  • Reiki
  • Alandi Chorachi
  • Alandi Devachi
  • Aundh Camp
  • Aundh
  • Bajirao Road
  • Ballalwadi
  • Baner Gaon
  • Baner Road
  • Bhor
  • Dehu
  • Hadapsar
  • Hadpsar I.E.
  • Infotech Park (Hinjawadi)
  • Jejuri
  • Kothrud
  • Lohogaon
  • Mangalwar Peth (Pune)
  • Market Yard (Pune)
  • N I B M
  • Parvati Gaon
  • Parvati
  • Pimpalgaon Tarfe Chakan
  • Pimpalgaon Tarfe Ghoda
  • Pimple Gurav
  • Pimpri Colony
  • Pune
  • Yerwada
About Om Counselling Centre Dr.Nirmal Shah

Dr.Nirmal C.Shah ( B. E. Civil, M. B. A. Phd. ) Director of Om Counselling Centre is a leading mind development expert, general counselor ,Reiki and a crystal grand master , a grand teacher in meditation, self hypnosis and mind ( Personality ) development expert. He conducts various programs ,short programs and practical workshops since 1997 for various schools, institutions, corporates and various organizations. He has his own Centre based in Pune and provides consultancy also from his Centre. He strongly believes that a harmonious blend of new scientific and psychological techniques along with old Vedic science together will create a new approach to deal successfully with today's die hard competition and its results like stress, nervous breakdown ,physical as well as mental disorders etc. Mr. shah himself at one stage of his life, while he had a huge amount of loan of 70 Lacks had a severe stress. He was suffering from severe ulcerites colitis and there seemed to be no hopes in his life. Doctors told that he wont be cured but due to firm belief in him and all the above mentioned techniques he overcame all the obstacles of life and emerged with flying colors as a successful businessman, successful counselor and altogether a very successful personality in a very short period of time along with good and sound health.

Name: Mr. Nirmal Shah Date of Birth : 11th Feb. 1969

Qualification : B. E. Civil., M. B. A. Phd.

Objectives :-
To let know everybody in this world that
Human being is indeed born to win.
Absolute bliss tranquility, Wisdom, & happiness is birth right of every individuality regardless of his age, cast, creed, sex & nationality.
Bliss , Serenity, happiness is deep within us first & then also at the same time everywhere around as outside
There is abundance everywhere
Every good thing is possible & easy in our life
There is only one immpossibility & there are limitless posibilities

Professional Qualification
Grand Teacher( In Vedic Meditation) from Rishikesh India from the Institute of Transcendental meditation founder - Maharshi Mahesh Yogi
"Reiki Grand Master" From Ahmedabad India.
Pranik Psychotherapist Degree by World Pranik Healing Foundation, INC, (Manila),
Advanced Pranik Healing degree Grand Master by World Pranik Healing Foundation, Inc, (Manila)
"Crystal Grand Master" From Ahmedabad India
Program of Bioenergy field (Imaging from Center for Human energy field research based in UK)
Vastuvisharad in Vastushastra Pune, India
Mind Development & Self Development Teacher from Pune India
Graphology (Hand Writing Analysis) from Institute of Graphology, Pune India
Dean Ornish Reversal Of Heart Disease(Dorh), from Pune Hospital Pune, India.
Siddha Samadhi Yoga Programs, Pune India.
Clinical Psychology from INDIAN HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATION(IHCA)Chennai, India
spiritual knowledge from different spiritual masters from India.
Instructed disciples of "Sant Shri Dnyaneshwar Gurukul Nyasi Mandal" of "Acharya Shri Kishorji Vyas",in May 2003 on preksha Dhyana (Meditation) & Reiki in "Swargashram" Rishikesh India.
Conducted Meditation & Mind Development seminars for schools & educational institutes Pune, India.
Conducted Reiki seminar for "Prism lark foundation" school for mentally disabled, Pune India
Conducted Reiki Seminar for a team from Australia for Royal Goan Beach Club Goa India.
Conducted seminar on Vastushastra at Hotel Kohinoor Executive Pune India.
Conducted seminars on time management, Goal setting, self hypnosis & diet from Pune , India.
Conducted stress management programs & seminars for various government & non government organisations Pune India.
Carrying on industrial counseling for various industries.Pune India.