Krishna puja

Lord Krishna was born on a dark fortnight of Hindu month Bhadrapad, which is known as Krishna Janmashtami. Janmashtami literally means birth on eighth day. The day is considered as very pious and Krishna-Janam is celebrated with all the fervour and devotion. Mid-night Maha-Pujas and Yagnas are conducted in Krishna temples where Krishna is worshipped in the ‘Bal-Gopal’ avatar. Gopal, Vasudev Nandan, NandKishore, there are many names Lord Krishna is known by.

Benefits of Krishna Puja:

Krishna is worshipped for bringing happiness to one’s life and to attain enlightenment and moksha. People also undertake Janmashtami Puja for other benefits like:

  • For attaining peace, harmony and happiness in life and better relationship with people around.
  • For a happy, stable and long marital life.
  • To remove negative inflictions of planet Ketu in the horoscope.
  • To get rid of evil, negative energies and enemies.
  • Remove Nisantaan dosh in birth charts to bear children.
  • Get rid of malefic effects of ill-inflicted 5th house in birth chart.
  • For attaining spiritual development and enlightening.
  • To rid souls of trails from cycle of re-births.


Krishna Puja Vidhi

There are grand rituals carried out temples with celebrations that symbolises Lord Krishna’s arrival into this world. People also offer puja at home at midnight of Janmashtami with great devotion. Here are the steps to follow for offering puja at home:

  • Select a clean place for conducting the puja. A Puja Ghar is an ideal place to perform it. If not, select a place which has a calm environment.
  • Place a puja ‘Chowki’ and cover it with red cloth .
  • Place a Tulsi pan and place Lord Krishna’s idol in ‘Baal Swaroop’ or photograph over it.
  • Light a dhoop stick to cleanse the environment and pray to Baal Gopal before beginning the puja.
  • Now place Krishna idol on a plate and bathe him with ‘Panchamrut’ cleanse with water. Follow these steps three times while chanting ’Om Namo Vasudevaya Namah’.
  • Clean him with a clean white cloth. Adorn him with new clothes and Alankaar.
  • Place him back on ‘Aasan’ or ‘Jhula’ on the Chowki.
  • Light a ghee diya with incense. Put Tilak and Ashtagandh along with chandan on Baal Gopal’s forehead. Offer garland and place flowers at his feet.
  • Offer Bhog – Mishri and Makkhan with other sweets along with Tulsi leaves.
  • Meditate and chant ‘Om Namo Vasudevaya Namah’. One can also sing bhajans and kirtan.
  • At a stroke of midnight, swing Baal Gopal’s jhula to welcome him in this world.

An elaborate puja is performed at temples that include Guru Vandana and Puja, Gau Puja, Krishna Abhishek, Sringaar, Ganesh Puja, Navagraha Puja, Aavahan and Havan, Chanting Krishna Mantra, Purnahuti, Deep Daan and offering Bhog Prasadam.

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