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Guruji for puja is a portal that provides an innovative and faster way to get a guruji for any type of puja / astrologer, vastushastra, gems provider, Online Products, Shopping, Vastu Shastra, Astrology, Gem Finder, Numerology, Palmist Tarot Card, Reiki, Feng Shui, Agni Upasana, Crystal Healing Etc. Here you can get information about all the pujas/vidhis. Vastu Shanti, Griha-Pravesh, Marriage Rituals, Satya Narayan, Munj, Shradh and many more types of pujas and vidhis are performed in indian culture for different occasions. Finding a Swami, Pandit or a Guruji for performing these rituals is often difficult for new people in metro cities. Guruji For Puja provides a unique and easy way for all to get an experienced, and well known gurujis in your town.

Opening Ceremony by Swami Govind Dev Giriji (Kishorji Vyas Maharaj)

Pune. is an India -based online portal for viewing a muhurata, getting a guruji for puja/vidhi , getting puja samagri and lot more. is releasing a Beta version of portal that makes hosts to find guruji for puja/vidhi and above said features with ease and convenience.

The portal was launched by the hands of Swami Govind Dev Giriji (Kishorji Vyas Maharaj)

Guruji's With Us

Guruji's of Guruji for puja Manoj Kapare VEDMURTI SHRI MANOJ KAPARE GURUJI
Kapare Guruji has been practicing astrology since 2000 and giving guidance to people from all walks of life for important events in their life such as Marriage, Buying Vehicle, Home, Change in Job, Starting new business, thread ceremony & Many more.

ALL OVER INDIA,Thorough Vedic, Scientific & Logical explanation of the essence of important steps of Pooja.Interesting interactive method of performing Pooja in which the Hosts participate whole heartedly.Pooja in a very lively atmosphere filled with fun &; humor which keeps everyone very much interested.

Guruji's of Guruji for puja Manoj Kapare VEDMURTI MANDAR KHALADKAR GURUJI
Guruji has overall 22 Years of Experience. Since year 2000 till date ,he runs “VED PATHSHALA” at his place by the name of Shri Chintamani Yagnik .He has also given several speeches on puja.